Friday, August 26, 2011

FNL Rehearsal

We start tonight! In just a few short weeks, we will be putting on our live performance. Everyone in P15 is looking forward to it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In case you were wondering...

Yes, I have officially switched our blog over to this site. This way, we can have multiple people capable of posting to it, and no one has to use a web editor to do so! Long story short, this is much more user-friendly, and we can customize it much better.

Just an Update--08/22/2011

The skits I was e-mailed have been forwarded. Walker, Rachel, Mr. Pratt, and Brian, you should all have what you need. E-mail me @ if you need to.

Our Weekly Meeting--08/21/2011

We have finished casting for our remaining FNL skits. The Ben Hur Auditions have been filmed. I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped with that. We will be blocking on Friday the 26th from 7-9 PM (later if we can, but we don't anticipate that it will be later than that). Big Mikey, KJV-NIV Swap, and 1-800-Ask-Teri will be filmed on Sunday, August 28 in the Alive building, and we will be filming our FNL opening that evening. Also, another episode of In The Pits will be filmed this Saturday. Anyone willing to help out would be appreciated.

Prodigal Testimonies--08/20/2011

We are in the process of recording our testimonies for this website. I have just finished watering mine down to only 5 minutes. (It started at about 30 minutes.) I was foolish enough to get pregnant at 18. I wasn't married and couldn't afford to keep the baby. I chose an adoption for her. 6 months after my separation from her father, I was brought into a relationship with my Heavenly Father. The Lord has not let me down. I praise God for my salvation.

A Prodigal's perspective on wealth!--08/17/2011

Sometimes, we, in America, think that prosperity develops when we have abundant stuff, and wealth to show for. The reality of the Gospel shows us something rather different. As Christ went to the cross, he showed no sign of a triumphant King. On the contrary, he went up gushing in blood, sweating feverishly in tears, and broken-hearted. Up he went on to Calvary. Why? To make way for his bride, a perfectly, adorned in pure white, Church. I'm sure men were looking at him as a loser. But, God kept seeing him as His beloved, obedient even unto death. Victorious in His sight. Two perspectives, opposite of each other, proving one more time that our thoughts isn't His. 

2 Corinthians 8:9 New International Version (NIV)
9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake 
he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. 

This is the Christ we need to worship. The fact that he became poor so that we can be rich doesn't refer to the value of "wealth". It's way more than that if you analyze the depth of His glory and the infinity of Heaven, the saints' final destination. It's a richness that surpasses all understanding. A richness that gains you a desire for Jesus so much, everything else becomes meaningless. Like in the parable of the hidden treasure (Mat. 13), a man finds this treasure hidden in the field, and out of his joy, he sells everything to buy this field with the treasure (i.e. Jesus). 

We are rich! Rich in spirit. And nothing...not even a hint of goodness that we can claim we did, can make us an ounce richer because Jesus paid it all!! 

So, what I'm saying is that the road of obeying God, may not always be a wealthy, comfy and air-conditioned road. A sacrifice has to be made. And we are to live like a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to the nostrils of God...a very sweet aroma. No one likes the smell of dung...for sure.

The Video is DONE!--08/15/2011

I will have it posted ASAP, but Mauricio is DONE!!! Yay! It was a great run. Thank you to everyone who participated this weekend!


We have finished the shooting without too much incident. We are in the home stretch of a very long weekend.

Mock 48 Thus Far--8/13/2011

I have learned more about the other Prodigals than I ever expected to. There are many things I probably shouldn't disclose here, but let's just say we are an interesting bunch. We also get with one another at around 4 AM. One member showed me a spider's exoskeleton, and I screamed and tripped over my own two feet. 

Then there was a bit about getting accosted by the police around 3:50 or so. The guy was about to pull into the parking lot in which we were filming when he got a call and went speeding away. We finished our scene and packed up just before the next officer drove by. Talk about providence.

Just an Update--08/12/2011

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback regarding the website design. We really appreciate it! There have been some changes made accordingly, and we will continue to make improvements.

Now, before I forget, I wanted to touch on our Mock 48 event. We will start this evening and go on through Saturday (tomorrow) night. I am definitely looking forward to it, and I know you guys are, too. Let's make a good run of it, shall we?

First Post!--08/11/2011

We now have blogging capabilities.